SLTPB Plans “Aggressive Promotion” at WTM 2019

Targetting Sri Lanka’s second largest tourist market this year.

Sri Lanka tourism participation at WTM 2018

Sri Lanka participation at WTM 2018

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, (SLTPB) has made arrangements to participate at a grand scale the World Travel Market (WTM) 2019, which will bring a wide variety of opportunities to the tourism sector in Sri Lanka. The event is scheduled to be held from 4 – 6 November in London.

WTM is an internationally acclaimed trade event where it enables the growth and development of the global travel industry, and encourages small and medium scale entrepreneurs, destination management companies, hoteliers and travel enthusiasts to come and offer what they have in store for the modern traveler.

WTM annually facilitates generation of over $7 bn of industry deals.

In a statement, SLTBP said that Sri Lanka Tourism has been an active member of this event for many years joined by the local travel industry to highlight Sri Lanka as a world class tourism hot spot, with a variety of numerous travel and hospitality products, including the world famous Ceylon tea. This time too, SLTPB plans to participate at this mega event with an exclusive range of travel opportunities the paradise island has got to offer, along with its exotic wildlife, authentic cuisine, natural and cultural resources and pristine beaches. The most highlighted aspect of SLTPB’s participation will be that SLTPB will carry out promotional activities throughout the event via digital advertising and promotions etc.  Managing Director SLTPB Charmarie Maelge said that “the WTM is the biggest travel trade show globally and Sri Lanka has been a regular participant over the years of the WTM. This year the SLTPB want to make Sri Lanka the most prominent participant out of all the other destinations. In addition to event site exposure in terms destination branding, plans are underway to carry out numerous pre and post event exposure also linking consumer advertising and consumer media exposure. Underground advertising in London in key tube stations will commence in October this year”.

Sri Lanka’s participation this time is also expected to encourage more tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka from UK, since UK is among the top ten markets of Sri Lanka Tourism. Up to August 2019, tourist arrivals from UK were recorded as 144, 646 making it the second largest tourist generating market for Sri Lanka.

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