16 Hotels Approved in Q1

38,908 rooms registered with the SLTDA

sri-lanka-Q1-2019-hotel-pipelineThe Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has approved the construction of 16 new hotels in Q1 2019.

According to the SLTDA’s quarterly report, the number of new hotel projects has increased to 366 from 350 at the end of last year. With an investment of $2,958 million, this increases the number of hotel rooms granted approval to 18,947.

Out of the 366 projects, 22 are large hotels with over 200 keys. The vast majority of approved projects, 259, have 49 rooms or less.The highest volume of rooms (5,353) are located in Colombo, as expected, while Galle has the greatest number of projects (68). Notably, Killinochchi has a new project in the pipeline with 15 rooms.


Total Hotel Rooms in Sri Lanka

There are 2,403 establishments registered with the SLTDA as of end-March. Of these, 147 are classified tourist hotels. The total number of registered rooms has increased to 38,908. This is up 2% from Q4 2018, and up nearly 8% year on year.



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