Thinking Differently

Hotel Marketing Innovation: Creating hotel promotions that cut through the noise.

What holds potential travellers back from committing to long trips? Well, rent expenses for one. Knowing there will be an outlay of expenses back at home (or the hassle of subletting) can be quite off-putting.

Contiki, a group travel operator for 18 to 35-year olds, recognised this and turned it to their advantage. They offered to pay the rent of travellers who book their 7 Wonders tour, visiting the Seven Wonders of the World. Paying my rent while I’m on holiday? Sounds great!

In the small print, the promo actually boils down to a discount. A standard saving of up to $2,840 on the tour price, calculated based on the national average rent in the USA for 2 months.

What’s important here is not the figures but the approach. Contiki recognised a pain point for their target demographic and, by presenting the savings in a different way, removed the barrier to purchase (and generated a lot of press coverage at the same time).

No doubt Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is going to be in for a tough couple of months. How can your hotel think differently and offer promotions that cut through the noise?

Hospitality Insider Issue 4