Jayaratne, New Chairman of SLTDA

Jayaratne, former Executive Director of the Aviation Authority takes up a new position as Kishu Gomes steps down to focus on tourism promotions.

John Amaratunga Johanne Jayaratne SLTDA

Minister of Tourism, John Amaratunga (L) appointed Johanne Jayaratne (R) Chairman of SLTDA.

Minister of Tourism, John Amaratunga appointed Johanne Jayaratne as the new Chairman of the Sri Lanka Development Authority (SLTDA).

A statement released by the tourism ministry stated that this decision was made to maximise the efforts implemented by both SLTDA and SLTPB. The two regulatory bodies have been tasked with the mammoth responsibility of repositioning Sri Lanka’s image as a preferred travel destination after the Easter attacks in the shortest possible time.

Kishu Gomes was appointed in February as the Chairman for SLTDA and SLTPB. He has stepped down from his position at SLTDA to prioritise promotional campaigns and rebuild the country’s brand image in the global arena.

Jayaratne was appointed to the role of Managing Director of SLTPB in February. Prior to this he served as the Executive Director of Airport and Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. His key responsibility as the new chairman will be to strengthen the domestic tourism sector.

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