Budget Proposal Encourages Day Cares

The 2019 Budget proposal offers suggestions to tackle the hospitality sector’s manpower requirement and financial assistance for small enterprises, medium entrepreneurs and homestays.  

Finance Minister, Mangala Samaraweera, proposed that selected vocational training institutions where the resources are not fully utilised will partner with chosen industry associations in various sectors including tourism.  

Day Care centres in Sri Lanka

The availability of day cares may encourage more women to join the hospitality industry. 2019 Budget proposals include finance for day care centres.

Samaraweera made this statement at the 2019 budget reading on March 5. The proposal includes loan schemes for small enterprises, medium entrepreneurs and homestays.  

Commenting on this, the President of the Hotels Association of Sri Lanka, Sanath Ukwatte said that he is happy about the many positive proposals made during the budget reading. He added that the association is open to suggestions that will address the manpower requirement in the industry.  

Ukwatte also stated that he is also very happy about the government’s proposal in the budget to provide financial assistance to the private sector to establish and operate child day care centres. He hopes that this will encourage more women to join the hospitality sector, which currently lacks the flexibility that women with young children need.  

“There are so many women who seek foreign employment so we’re hoping to promote the hospitality industry for women,” said the senior hotelier who is also the Chairman and the Managing Director of the Mount Lavinia Hotel.  

Ukwatte noted the launch of up-to-date day care centres in the country will be a major boost to the tourism industry as it will allow the family unit to be kept intact. This will be of particular benefit in the case of migrant workers, and will provide a lot of direct and indirect advantages.   

The Hotels Association will meet with the Ministry of Finance and discuss the implementation of the proposal once it has been approved.

The final vote for the 2019 budget proposal will take place on April 5.

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