“So Sri Lanka” launched

The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau launched Sri Lanka’s new destination brand “So Sri Lanka” at the World Travel Mart 2018 in London.

Encapsulating the essence of Sri Lanka, its authenticity, diversity and all of its richness, “So Sri Lanka” is an expression that embodies the vibrant qualities that inspire us about our travels and tales from the island nation, said SLTPB, announcing the branding.

Sri Lanka tourism is working towards building a strategic digital-first perspective. CEO of J Walter Thompson Alyna Hajji Omar, the creators behind the concept and the strategy of the new slogan, explained, “We have moved away from investing in a passive identity and are seeking a dialogue with our socially active millennial travelers.” The ‘So Sri Lanka’ video has been viewed just over 7,000 times in two weeks since it was posted on Sri Lanka Tourism’s YouTube channel.

There are plans to feature the logo with its easily recognizable circular representation in new marketing campaigns in the coming months. Following through on the new “So Sri Lanka” identity consistently will be crucial in the next steps taken. In the last decade, Sri Lanka’s tagline has changed multiple times, including ‘Refreshingly Sri Lanka’, ‘Small Miracle’, ‘Wonder of Asia’ and ‘A Land Like No Other’.

Hospitality Insider Issue 4