Tourist-Friendly tuk-tuks

Over 750 tuk-tuk drivers in several districts have been trained by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) under its Tourist-Friendly training programmes.

The initiative will be expanded across the country, including major tourist cities.

All drivers who successfully completed the programme received a special ID from SLTDA, in addition to the Tourist-Friendly logo and certification. The logo and branding will allow tourists to easily identify Tourist-Friendly tuk-tuks and obtain their services. The project was initiated as one of 2018’s national budget proposals.

The Tourist-Friendly logo is a pride mark that distinguishes high-quality, tourism-related service providers in Sri Lanka. The programme will also cover eating places and homestays in the future. The objective is to uplift the quality standards of the Sri Lankan tourism industry, especially among small and medium enterprises. 

Hospitality Insider Issue 4